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Much like many of you, life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. In particular, my own life story took a significant plunge into the depths after years of chasing an elusive and glamorous lifestyle, scaling the corporate ladder. Sadly, this pursuit turned into a tragedy causing severe illness on both my mental and physical well-being. It was almost as if I could see my own headstone looming in the distance. It was a sobering moment, a profound revelation that reignited my quest to discover my life's true purpose.

I dedicated years to an unending exploration of spirituality, searching for the answer to the age-old question, "Why am I here?" My journey spanned continents and oceans, from meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his wisdom, to partaking in Vipassana meditation in Thailand. I challenged my own limiting beliefs through the ancient practice of firewalking and gained a deeper appreciation for the power of nature by immersing myself in aromatherapy and Ayurveda courses at Usha Veda in Morges. I even swam with the majestic humpback whales in Tonga, delving into the profound connection between humans and the natural world.

My quest for self-discovery also led me to administer my own psychic abilities through studies at Arthur Findley College in London. I ventured further into the inner realms of energy and vibration by becoming a certified La Trame practitioner. And so, my journey continues, a relentless pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, ready for further enrichment.


I invite you to benefit from the wisdom and knowledge I've acquired through various alternative wellness practices.

In Light and Love,

Romain William



La Trame
Unraveling the energetic fabric of well-being.

 A holistic therapy that focuses on the body's energy field and its impact on well-being. Practitioners aim to detect and release energy blockages that may cause physical or emotional issues.


By gently working with the body's energy network, they seek to restore a harmonious flow of energy, promoting self-healing and balance.

CHF 100.- / session.
Each session is 45 minutes.

The Transformation
Journeying towards your inner transformation.

Discover the depths of your inner self for a profound transformation.

The practitioner acts as a conduit between your conscious and unconscious, unveiling the roots of both past and present blockages.

Liberate yourself and reestablish your connection with your life's purpose as you embark on a journey to the core of your being, where the flow of energy resonates through your very cells of body.

CHF 120.- / session.

Each session is 45 minutes.



Rue de l'Avenir 50, 2503 Bienne, Switzerland

+4179 592 88 79

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